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    This site is powered by Moodle and is used for homeschooling children in the Province of Alberta Canada. The COLC Hub is a LMS (Learning Management System) that is a specifically designed platform for accademic grades of K-12.

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    If you are interested in homeschooling your child or are currently homeschooling and want to consider a different Learning Management System, contact the System Administrator at sysadmin@lttwebhost.net for information.

    The Moodle platform is the best LMS in the world and is very customizable and easy to use. We can customize it specifically for your child's needs.

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    We are Not a School

    The COLC Homeschooling Hub is not an online school. We simply offer quality customized learning through our COLC Hub platform. Our Hub is powered by Moodle. Complete homeschooling learning mangement system.

    Contact us today to get information!

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Available courses

Grade 7 is exciting and challenging. Students in Grade 7 take six required subjects:

  • English Language Arts
  • Health and Life Skills
  • Mathematics
  • Physical Education
  • Science
  • Social Studies.

Additional optional subjects are also offered. They are:

Art, Career and Technologies Foundations, Drama, Environment and Outdoor Education, Ethics, Languages and Music.